3 safety tips to keep in mind when working with compressed air


1. Unfortunately the use of compressed air and eye injury are often related. Dust, particles and chips bounce back at the operator. Our eyes are sensitive organs that can be seriously damaged by even very small particles. Always use personal protective equipment, such as goggles, when cleaning with compressed air.

2. Noise from compressed air systems is frequently found in industry. As far as is possible it is beneficial to reduce noise at its source, i.e. make changes that reduce the actual noise level. Such measures might for example include replacing equipment with quieter models, changing work processes or encapsulating noise by means of sound-absorbing materials. If these measures are not possible, it is instead important to use ear-protectors, which reduce the perceived level of noise.

3. Compressed air is dangerous if it is used wrong. If it is used wrong, air can be forced into the bloodstream and cause serious injury such as heart attack and stroke. Compressed air must never be blown towards the body.