How to create a good working environment


We have talked about the importance of a good working environment and what can be done to create a good working environment with Francis Charbonneaux, Safety and Security Manager at SCA in France.


Why is a good working environment important?
A working environment where employees feel well participates undoubtedly in motivation. Providing a quality working environment can significantly improve hygiene and safety conditions. Good living conditions at work are also conducive to well-being, quality and productivity.

For you, what is a good working environment?
A well-organized, clean and tidy working environment where the tools adapted to the tasks carried out are made available to all employees so that they can work in safe conditions, where ergonomics are taken into account, identified risk situations and where users’ opinions are taken into account when modifying or introducing new tools or equipment.

How to create a good working environment in a papermill?
The implementation of adapted tools is a major factor in creating a pleasant and safe working environment.

What actions are being undertaken by SCA to create a good working environment?
Accelerate the development and implementation of adapted and safe tools in partnership with recognized professionals, such as blowing equipment for example, deployment of 5S actions, encourage employee involvement and get their commitment to the prevention approach, encouraging communication at all levels of the organization, and shifting culture towards ownership and interdependence.