Is Energy Optimization important to you?


We have had the chance to talk about Energy Audits with Magnus Olsson, Concept Manager in Energy Saving at SMC Pneumatics Sweden. An Energy Audit helps the company to understand its energy usage and identify which part of the company demands most energy. This shows where the company can make potential energy savings and save money in the long term. 


Why should companies perform an Energy Audit?
Today many companies in the Swedish industry uses pneumatics in their production. There are many great opportunities for Energy Optimization, which leads to good effects both for the environment as well as for the wallet. Many people don’t believe in us when we say that you with small easy steps can save up to 50% of your compressed air consumption. But when they see the difference they get surprised. In most cases the new investments results in a breakeven already after one year.

What are the main steps of an Energy Audit?
To lower the energy consumption of the company and see the potential savings you do an Energy Audit where you go through each part of the process. An improvement proposal is presented and in the next step the energy optimized solutions will be established. For example a new product with a stand-by valve that works just as the start-stop function in a car, or like the standby mode on the TV which lower its energy consumption when it’s not in use. A new measurement is done afterwards and the actual result will be visible. Energy Smart solutions saves both money and the environment!