Blowing with compressed air

Blowing with compressed air is commonly used in industry. Silvent’s products for blowing with compressed air provide a more efficient blowing application, lower noise levels and a safer working environment for the operators.

Air guns

Air guns are used for manual blowing in industry to clean, dry, move, sort and cool objects. All Silvent air guns are developed to give the operator better and safer characteristics that, in the long run, reduce the number of industrial injuries. The air guns have ergonomic and user friendly functions. The specially developed nozzle reduces the noise level and prevents compressed air from entering the bloodstream.

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Air knives

Air knives are used for fixed applications in industry to clean, dry, move, sort and cool objects. When we design customized air knives, our starting point is always based on what job is going to be done. From our extensive experience, we tailor air knives to do the application, in an energy efficient way.

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Silencers are used in industry to reduce the noise from compressed air valve exhaust. To reduce the risk of stoppages, Silvent’s silencers are equipped with a warning indicator that adjusts the flow and noise level, and indicates when the filter is becoming clogged. The warning indicators facilitate continuous machine maintenance.

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Air nozzles

Air nozzles are used for fixed installations and are common in industry. They are used, for example, during drying, cooling and moving. All of Silvent’s air nozzles are unique and developed according to Silvent technology that provides a uniform, constant, straight and laminar flow. Characteristics that ensure that energy consumption is optimized.

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