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Measuring air consumption

Since compressed air is one of the most expensive types of energy in the industry, knowledge of where consumption takes place, and how to optimize consumption gains increasing importance. Production grinds to a halt without compressed air, which means that measurement and monitoring of compressed air consumption and compressor maximum capacity can be crucial for reliability.

Measurement of compressed air consumption is also crucial for maintaining necessary cost controls. Not many companies are aware of the actual cost of compressed air and how vital operating conditions are for efficiency.

Another advantage of continuously monitoring and checking air consumption is that the effect of any measures taken can clearly be seen. The results of increases in leakage and measures taken by different consumers of air make it possible to see which changes best improve efficiency. Air consumption is measured not only to learn about the current situation, but also to learn about potential savings.


Compressed air cost $0.30 per 1000 standard cubic feet per minute (scfm) including investment and maintenance costs. Wouldn’t it be good if it was simple as that? Unfortunately, it is not.

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3 steps on how to calculate the cost of compressed air.

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