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Solutions for steel mills


We aren’t a new company. The fact is that for years we’ve been the market leader in our segment: compressed air blowing. But it wasn’t until a few years ago that we realized our products could improve quality during steel production. After thousands of hours of development, our new products  —completely tailored to the steel industry—are now tested at steel mills and patented.

New partner in the steel industry


Although we have collaborated over the years with steel mills such as US Steel, Baosteel, and Nippon Steel, we are a relatively new partner in the steel industry. But we consider that to be an advantage. A partner that comes from the outside often has the advantage of seeing operations with new eyes. Tough problems suddenly become manageable, largely thanks to what we work with every day: air

Silvent InTech


Since its inception, Silvent has always developed products that essentially any industry can use. The air nozzle for the brewery could also be used in the bakery, as well as by the car manufacturer and the pharmaceutical company. But the steel mill requires more. Much more. Power. Size. Durability. Everything. You could say that steel production is the heavyweight match for air nozzles. No question about it; Silvent InTech has the most demanding customers.

Absolute highest quality


Almost every country has a few steel mills that are a bit more demanding, a bit more meticulous, a bit more talented. Silvent InTech targets those steel mills that want to offer their customers sheet of the absolute highest quality. Quite simply, Silvent InTech targets those steel mills that want to be best.