Everyone has the right to a good working environment

A good working environment is crucial to a well-functioning and successful workplace. The definition of a good working environment, according to the International Labour Organization (ILO), is a working environment where no one is subjected to physical or mental harm.

36,720 people are injured every hour

Every hour, 36,720 people are injured at work. In Europe, manufacturers are one of the most affected sectors. Statistics show that we must continue to improve the mental and physical working environment.

Noise causes permanent damage

Tinnitus and hearing loss due to noisy workplaces is common. A typical mistake is believing that noise levels under 80 dB(A) are harmless, but even these can cause lifelong damage. The damage is invisible and appears successively, which makes the number of unreported cases for those affected, large.

“At Silvent we actively work to improve the working environments of manufacturers worldwide. Everyone has the right to a good working environment.”

Air in the bloodstream is fatal

Compressed air is dangerous if it is used wrong. If it is used wrong, air can be forced into the bloodstream and cause serious injury such as heart attack and stroke. Compressed air must never be blown towards the body.