What has a “locker room feeling” to do with a better working environment?



“Everyone has the right to a good working environment. This is what we think at Silvent. And, it is what all our customers think. The question is if anyone disagrees with us. Regardless, many have the ambition to create a good working environment but get stuck in the details. I think the single best investment a company can make is to create a locker room feeling somewhere in the company. Anyone who has participated in a team sport knows what I mean. In the locker room are all equal. There you can talk freely. Everyone’s opinion matters just as much. It becomes spontaneously fun. You share sorrow and joy, and discuss how to get better. It feels good in the locker room.

At Silvent our gigantic kitchen is our locker room. Where we eat breakfast together every day. There, I as a CEO, have the chance to get to know all the employees in a deeper way, but also gain insight into their challenges in the job. I am serious when I say that Silvent would not have been so successful if we did not have breakfast together every morning. There is a reason that all Silvent offices around the world are equipped with a kitchen and all employees are taught the word “fika” during their introductory training.”

Anders Erlandsson, CEO, Silvent.