Our assemblers are experts at what they do



We are a global company, but we have decided to maintain our production in Sweden. All products are manufactured, assembled and quality tested at our headquarters in Borås.

“Our assemblers are experts at what they do. Since 1989, when Silvent was founded our assembly and precision work have been done by employees at Samhall. It is a state-owned company with the goal to create work that promotes the development of people with disabilities that cause reduced working capacity. Together with Samhall we have focused on the employees’ strengths, choosing working tasks that suit every individual.

We have worked closely with Samhall for many years and during that time the degree of cooperation has grown. We are very pleased with the collaboration and can only see its benefits. The quality of work is very high and at the same time we have the opportunity to see how the people grow and develop.”

Peter Rosengren, M/A Director, Silvent.