The air gun Pro One, with accessories

Reduce the risk of injuries

The air gun Pro One is available in three different designs:

  • Standard air, Pro One
  • With an air shield, Pro One-AS
  • With a 300-millimeter-long extension pipe, Pro One-300


Splash and eye injuries may occur in conjunction with blowing with compressed air. When cleaning, dirt, liquids and chips may ricochet back toward the operator and cause both bodily and eye injuries.

Air gun with built in air shield, Pro One-AS

The Pro One can be fitted with an optional air shield to reduce the risk of eye injuries. The air shield has sufficient pressure to protect the operator from dust and small particles.



Air gun with extension pipe, Pro One-300

Pro One can also be ordered with a 300 millimeter long air gun pipe. The extension pipe creates a safety distance that reduces the risk of operator injury from dangerous splashing. The pipe also makes it possible to use a good working position.


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