Silvent Silencers

Silencers with warning indicators

Silvent’s silencers lower the sound level, minimize the risk of downtime and simplifies the maintenance work. The built in warning indicators make it easier to identify the worn-out silencer that need to be replaced to minimize the risk of a too high back pressure.


The technique behind Silvent’s silencers

Due to the dynamic inner filter, Silvent’s silencers determine and set the ideal combination of flow capacity and noise reduction, which minimizes the risk of downtime. The two-chamber system provides the silencer with new filter surface when the used surface gets clogged. Because of this it is possible to ensure a low back pressure and an efficient sound reduction. When the silencer is clogged and all of the filter surface has been used, a red indication line is exposed. This indicates that the silencer needs to be replaced.


With these silencers, it is possible to minimize risk of:

  • machine stoppages
  • downtime
  • occupational accidents caused by exploding silencers.

Warning indicator

Provides early warning before problems arise in the pneumatic system.


Two-chamber system

Decreases back pressure when the expansion volume increases and new filter surface is exposed.


Outer diffuser

Effectively muffles noise through optimal use of the material volume.


Inner diffuser

Extends from the outer silencer chamber when back pressure is too great.

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