The story behind the air gun Pro One

Pro One was designed by users for users

Today there are considerable differences between different work groups when it comes to work environment. In the case of white-collar workers, the work environment is mainly about ergonomic furniture while in manufacturing, it’s still all about reducing the risk of accidents in the workplace.

This was the genesis of Pro One, a hand-held tool developed for use in industry and designed to minimize the risk of injury when blowing with compressed air.


Close collaboration with the Veryday design agency

Early on in the process we began a collaboration with Veryday, a design agency with expertise in industrial design. In many past development projects, Silvent’s focus was the technology behind the products, in order to offer quiet, safe solutions for blowing with compressed air. In this development, there was also an ambition to produce an ergonomic design to minimize the risk of repetitive strain injuries. It was therefore important to include a third party with expertise in this particular field.

“Because Silvent is committed to ensuring all employees have a good working environment, we wanted to develop a product that really makes a difference for the user, so it felt natural to contact Veryday, which is one of the most prominent industrial design firms in the world. “Our collaboration with Veryday has allowed us to combine the best of both worlds in the new air gun; Veryday’s unique expertise in ergonomic design and our own technical expertise when it comes to blowing with compressed air,” says Rasmus Tibell, Head of Technology at Silvent.


Inspired by users

In order to meet the needs and make work easier for people who use compressed air daily, we carried out several user studies. Men and women from the manufacturing sector were interviewed and asked to answer questions about their blowing operations, air gun properties and stowage. A prototype was then created based on the responses from the user studies. We then conducted further studies where operators got to comment on the prototype’s design.

“Based on the compiled results, Silvent gave us free rein to develop the handle’s exterior design without being limited by internal, technical solutions. This gave us the ability to create the best possible solution for the user. Working with Silvent, which has such a high level of ambition, is an absolute pleasure,” says Hans Himbert, industrial designer and partner at Veryday.

Then followed the complex operation of combining the internal technology with the exterior design.

Pro One was developed in close co-operation with users and designed to reduce the risk of injuries. It’s important to remember that we all have the right to a good work environment, regardless of the industry we work in.


Everyone has the right to a good working environment


For office employees, a good working environment often involves ergonomic furniture, which supports the body’s natural movements. But industry still has problems achieving the basis of a good working environment – that no one should become injured or killed at their workplace. This must change. Everyone has the right to a good working environment.

In order to pay attention to everyone’s right to a good working environment Silvent invited suppliers, customers and colleagues to an event with focus on working environment. The event highlighted the importance of good working environment and the existing problems within the industry. The program on the stage included discussions about work environment differences between countries, the definition of good working environment and how this contributes to a successful company.

During the event the new innovative air gun, Pro One, was presented. Rasmus Tibell, technical director at Silvent, and Hans Himbert, industrial designer at Veryday, showed the new ergonomic air gun for the first time and presented the unique features.

“The air gun is one of the most used tools in production environments, but one that unfortunately creates a number of workplace injuries. We want to change this and after several years of research including user studies and tests we can now proudly present the results: Pro One is a safe, quiet and efficient air gun”, says Anders Erlandsson, CEO of Silvent AB.

The event ended with mingle.

Here you can see some of the pictures from the event.